Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Checking in

Well hello there!!
I really have been truly awful at this blogging malarkey lately. Going back to work full time has meant that I just don't have the time that I used to. I've been really good at keeping on going with sewing and knitting and crochet and anything else I fancy, I find that I am an all round happier person if I give myself crafting time. But blogging... well, blogging has been the thing that suffered, especially in the last, crazy, part of the summer term. But now it is the holidays! I have had a week just catching up with myself, recovering, and now it's definitely time to get some of my projects on the blog!
There are still some secrets, hopefully they will all get in the post this week, and when they reach their destinations I will be able to share them.
So, here are a couple of things that I am working on at the moment...
Ripples!! I knew it wouldn't be long before I found a reason to make another of these blankets. A friend at work gave me the perfect excuse - she is expecting a baby boy! Oooh, I do love working on this blanket, I think it will be finished pretty soon!
And hexies! You may remember these, I've been working on them for a while - my little furniture make-over! I finished making flowers with the big pile of scraps I had sorted out and now I'm joining them all together. Still using that darned invisible thread - pretty sure I won't use it after this project, but it does make beautiful invisible stitches!
Quite a bit more joining to be done!

There are lots of other projects in various stages of creation round about the place, so expect to see more of me here over the next few weeks!!


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Secret knitting

Finally - something I can share!
Honestly, working on all these secret projects is hard work! I have to think so carefully about what pictures I can post where, those of you that follow me on Instagram will be familiar with this little bit of knitting, because I know that the recipient of this gift is not on Instagram (Yes, I know, the actual recipient is only 8 months old so of course he isn't, but I mean his mum!!) 
So, this little jacket. For the same scrumptious little boy I made these blankets for way back in August before he was born, before his gorgeous family moved all the way to Australia.
Easy right? Well yes, actually. Pretty easy. After a few rows the pattern of knits and purls became second nature, nothing complicated there.
Quick too? It is baby sized after all. No. Not quick. At all. To the point where I was actually starting to worry that it wouldn't fit by the time I finished it!!
But it does! Hooray!
I finished it, sewed on the buttons and got it to the post office as soon as I possibly could as I knew it had a long journey. Two and a half weeks later I was woken up early in the morning (ok, not that early, I was being lazy!) by a very excited phone call from Australia! Secret knitting had arrived! The baby in question was asleep so I still didn't know if it actually fit him but it was so good to hear my lovely friend's voice from the other side of the world - even if I was extremely sleepy and confused for a few minutes!!
A few hours later photos appeared on Facebook of the lovely boy wearing his new jacket - it even has some growing room! Yay! 
It is apparently a bit chilly in Australia at the moment so it is perfect for keeping a crawling baby toasty and warm :)

I'm so glad it arrived safely, that it fits and most of all that my gorgeous friend likes it. I do miss her so.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

One Hundred!

Well, as predicted, the pressure of my 100th post got to me! That and the fact that 4 of my current WIPs are secrets, so difficult to find things to share at the moment!

I thought about doing a bit of a round up of my finished projects so far this year, but then decided just to share this pretty EPP with you all instead. I do love a bit of patchwork, and I usually have several different projects on the go. This is quite a big one, long term-ish.
I took almost all my small scraps (from various places around the house!) and turned them into 3/4" hexagons. There are lots. Far more than the little pile in this photo!
Then I started stitching them into sweet little hexagon flowers, completely randomly.
I'm using invisible thread, something I have not tried before. I'm not massively keen on stitching with it, it is very plasticy and gets into funny tangles. It doesn't feel natural to sew with, like I'm fighting against it. But... those tiny little stitches are pretty much invisible - which I love!!
When I've finished making little flowers, there will hopefully be enough of them to sew together for a bit of a furniture make-over. I'm quite excited about it!!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I did it! I finished that blanket! It seems like it has taken FOREVER, but in reality it's only been about 6 months - not too bad considering how much other 'stuff' I have going on!!!

I'll be honest, I'm a bit exhausted by it. Now that it is finished I just want to get on with other stuff, not leap doing an excited dance of celebration. So I'll just show you a couple of pics and then go and make something new.
There it is, being all stripey.
And here it is, spread out on our bed - not where it will live as this blanket is for my in-laws, and it will live in Corfu. Lucky blanket.

And yes. Henry got in the photo again. Honestly this cat is in the way ALL OF THE TIME!!!! I know that he was having a wash, but it does look like he is chuckling to himself about sneaking into yet another picture!!

Blogger tells me that this is my 99th post. Now I feel under a HUGE amount of pressure to make post number 100 special. Hmmmm....

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Thursday, 10 April 2014

5 little ducks

Finally - I can share these with you!

I made them for my friend's daughter, for her first birthday. She is such a little cutie, she loves ducks and her favourite colour is pink, so I couldn't resist making these!
My lovely Molly had bought me Knitted Nursery Rhymes by Sarah Keen for Christmas and I hadn't knitted any of the patterns yet, I had looked at them lots, obviously! I knew that there was a pattern for 5 Little Ducks, so knitting them in pink just seemed perfect - silly, but perfect!

I didn't get them finished quite in time, and then I got some horrid germs that I didn't want to pass on, so I've been waiting to gift these little quackers for a couple of weeks. And I couldn't spoil the surprise so I've been waiting to share them here too!
So, these 5 little ducks and their Mama went to their new home yesterday. Little Isobella loved them - I'm pretty sure her mum loved them more though!!!
They were super-fun to knit, I love Sarah Keen's books, her patterns always knit up beautifully and they're so lovely!

Another finish :) But now I must get back to that big blanket. The end is in sight!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A present for Molly

Another finish! And this one has been a looong time coming! I started a piece of cross stitch for Molly, ooh, 2 1/2 years ago! It became clear, not long after I started it, that I didn't like it very much. The chart was one of those ones without very clear symbols, one colour was 6 and another was 6 on it's side - bleurgh!! Even enlarged on the photocopier it was hard work to follow.

So, I would pick it up and stitch half a sheep, and then stuff it back behind the sofa for a few months. I kept putting it on my things-I-must-finish lists, but that didn't seem to motivate me!! And then, as so often happens, I just decided, just felt like stitching it, just got on with it. And in no time at all, it was finished! Phew!!
It was originally going to go on her bedroom door, but in that last round of stitching we talked about turning it into a cushion instead. Molly loves cushions and been asking me to make some for her room, so this seemed like a good solution.

I picked out some pretty fabrics to go with the colours of the stitching and whizzed up a cushion front.                                                                                                                             

And a very simple cushion back, look - more sheep!!
And check out my hidden zip!!!! Pretty pleased with that I have to say!!
It was beautifully pressed and looked much neater than this. But I gave it to Molly when the light was bad and I didn't get to take photos straight away. So this is it now, having been slept on for a few nights! At least it shows that she loves it!

Her yellow hexie quilt is looking pretty well loved too - that girl does love a quilt!!